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Global Green Products LLC (GGP) manufactures its Aspartyl™ copolymer products in the USA and meets ISO 9001 standards. A primary raw material used to make its eco-friendly copolymer products is a naturally occurring amino acid. GGP uses proprietary processes that catalytically converts the amino acid into an eco-friendly, water soluble, linear amidocarboxylate copolymer.  GGP’s products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and completely safe.  Once they have been used, they degrade harmlessly into the environment.

Aspartyl™ copolymers are unique.  Unlike other polymeric scale inhibitors, they incorporate an amide unit in the backbone similar to most proteins.  This unusual structure plays a critical role in allowing the backbone of the polymer to easily adsorb onto and attach to crystalline surfaces and edges. Carboxylate functional groups add to the electrostatic negative charge density of crystal surfaces preventing them from growing, agglomerating and forming hard scales, a process known as nucleate threshold inhibition.  GGP copolymer products are phosphate free and can be used alone or incorporated in formulations and used where temperatures routinely reach 120°C and above.


Aspartyl™ copolymer products were specifically designed to stop and prevent the formation of mineral precipitates and scales.  The copolymer’s amide backbone is linear and adsorbs onto nucleate crystal surfaces through the amide groups, distorting surfaces and edges thereby preventing them from adhering to each other or other surfaces.  As a submicroscopic crystal of a mineral begins to form, individual copolymer molecules adsorb onto crystal surfaces. This process stops any further growth of the crystal and at the same time stabilizes the crystal, preventing it from settling out or adhering to another crystal or to other surfaces. By doing this, the surrounding system remains free and clean of any mineral deposits or hard scales.  The ability of Aspartyl™ copolymer products to prevent and control various mineral scales including halite, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, iron based scales and calcium oxalate is well known.

Additionally, the adsorbed copolymer, by virtue of the increased electrostatic negative charge to the surface, prevents already formed particles from agglomerating or attaching to each other.  This process is referred to as dispersion and is important in applications where there are larger amounts of suspended particulate.

In all these applications, the Bottom Line for GGP product performance includes:

Fresh Water Reduction

Halite Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors

Frack Scale Inhibitors

Iron Sulfide Inhibitors

Biodegradability and Toxicity

The property of biodegradability is a chief attribute of GGP copolymer products. Biodegradability is determined by procedures developed by the European Union’s Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Group, referred to as OECD. These procedures measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced from the metabolism of polymeric structures by various microorganisms.

The most rigid procedure and criteria is the OECD 306 seawater test. To be classified as “readily” biodegradable, the highest biodegradation category, a polymer must be at least 60% biodegraded in 28 days. GGP’s Aspartyl™ copolymer products exceed this OECD 306 requirement and are listed as readily biodegradable in all applications.

Aspartyl™ copolymers products are non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-hazardous, hypoallergenic and completely safe.

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