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Scale-Tek® Bio-D 2200

Bio-D 2200 is a water based solution of a catalyzed water soluble sodium salt of polyaspartic acid. This product has found utility as an environmentally friendly and biodegradable replacement for other polycarboxylates such as polyacrylates, polymaleates and their copolymers and terpolymers. Bio-D 2200 can be incorporated as an ingredient in formulations used in cooling water, mining, detergents and cleaners, reverse osmosis membranes and multistage evaporators where temperatures routinely reach 120°C.

Bio-D 2200 is a fully biodegradable water soluble polyaspartate product that can inhibit the formation of precipitating mineral scales such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, barium sulfate and similar salts. It adsorbs onto crystal surfaces and acts as a dispersant to keep nucleate crystals and larger particulates from forming scale that adheres to both non-heat transfer and heat transfer surfaces such as pumps, pipes and heat exchangers.

Bio-D 2200 also has the ability to absorb onto metal oxide or carbonate surfaces.

Physical Properties

Color Amber liquid
Solubility Very soluble in water
pH 9-10
Solids 40%
Density 1.23
Molecular Weight 8,000
Freeze Point -20°C
Biodegradability Readily
Thermal Stability 120°C for 24 hours

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