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Oil-Tek® Bio-D 1300

Bio-D 1300 is a powdered L-aspartic acid polymer that is used as an environmentally friendly and biodegradable solution to control and remove hydrocarbon oil spills in waterways such as lakes, rivers, oceans, marinas and ports. As Bio–D 1300 is sprayed or sprinkled on the oil spill, it forms a hard envelop encompassing the spill and through its displaced weight, causes the oil mass to sink.

Once the oil mass has been collected, the hydrocarbon oil can be separated and recovered through a simple water based hydrolysis procedure. After separation, the remaining water-based residue can be easily and safely disposed.

Physical Properties

Color Light tan powder
Solubility Water and oil insoluble
Bulk Density 50 lbs/cubic foot
Molecular Weight 9,000

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