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Aspartyl™ Copolymer  Products

Global Green Products LLC (GGP) develops, manufactures and sells eco-friendly catalyzed Aspartyl™ copolymer products that are used to prevent minerals dissolved in water from forming hard deposits and scale in oilfield operations, industrial water treatment, agriculture and detergent and cleaner applications.  GGP’s patented products are completely biodegradable and reduce the environmental footprint in all these industries.

GGP’s copolymer products are TOSCA and REACH registered. Product samples, SDS, product and data sheets as well as information on winterized versions can be requested through the Contact Us tab.

Patented Water-Tek® Bio-D Series  Products

Water-Tek® Bio-D series products are patented multi-functional water-based combinations of catalyzed Aspartyl™ copolymers.  These easy to use bio-friendly products have found utility in a wide variety of oilfield applications where high salinity brines require fresh water reduction, salt (halite) and mineral scale control and corrosion inhibition for optimum production operations.  Water-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products are phosphate free and can be used alone or incorporated in formulations used in oil gas  production where temperatures routinely reach 120°C and above.

Patented fresh water reduction products reduce fresh water use 50 – 80-%, are cost effective, best-in-class mineral scale inhibitors, excellent dispersants and show good corrosion inhibitor properties.

Patented halite inhibitors are the premier bio-friendly copolymer products that prevent salt from crystallizing out in both downhole and topside applications.

Scale-Tek® Bio-D Series Products

These high temperature stable catalyzed Aspartyl™ copolymers  have found utility as  eco-friendly replacements for phosphonates, phosphate esters and other polycarboxylates such as polyacrylates, polymaleates, their copolymers and terpolymers in oil and gas production and industrial cooling water applications.  Scale-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products can be used alone or incorporated in formulations where water and brine related processes require excellent mineral scale inhibition and thermal stabilities of no less than 120°C.

Scale-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products are robust, best-in-class bio-friendly calcium carbonate and barium sulfate scale inhibitors for both on-shore and off-shore applications.  They are cost effective all-purpose mineral scale inhibitors displaying excellent dispersant and adsorption/desorption properties.

Frack-Tek® Bio-D Series Products

Frack-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products were specifically designed to stop and prevent the formation of mineral precipitates and scales in fracking operations.  These copolymer products adsorb onto formation surfaces and then slowly desorb over time, providing downhole protection against scale formation.  Frack-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products are gel-pack compatible, are considered best-in-class eco-friendly mineral scale inhibitors and do not interfere with cross-linking processes or contribute to viscosity.

Frack-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products are not only exceptional carbonate and sulfate scale inhibitors but also provide good squeeze characteristics along with preventing scale buildup in flow-back operations.

Patented Iron-Tek® Bio-D Series Products

The ability of Iron-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products to control a variety of scales in high iron salinity waters led to the development of GGP’s first patent for the inhibition and dispersion of iron sulfide. These eco-friendly copolymer products are multi-functional scale inhibitors that have found utility in high temperature environments where iron control is essential for optimal process control.

Iron-Tek® Bio-D copolymer products provide a cost effective method to control iron sulfide precipitation while providing excellent dispersant properties for iron sulfide, iron oxide and other particulates.

Ag-Tek® Bio-D Series Products

Ag-Tek® Bio-D biopolymer products have found multiple uses in helping farmer/growers develop higher margins through more efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides.  By acting as a fertilizer co-builder, plants are able to induct both macro and micro nutrients at their most efficient rates, providing higher yields in a more stress and draught resistant plant.  Because more phosphate is taken up by plants, less run-off and damage is done to the environment.

Ag-Tek® eco-friendly biopolymers have been  formulated with pesticides to assist in providing optimum kill rates to control fungus, weeds and insects.  A unique family of “organic” fungicides and insecticides called NatureSafe™ and SureSafe™ products work through a synergistic process to provide fast, reliable and safe results while reducing the environmental footprint that most pesticides leave behind.  To learn more, use the link, Ag-tek About Us

Patented Oil-Tek® Bio-D Series Products

To learn more about Oil-Tek® Bio-D polymer products go to the Markets tab and/or contact GGP directly.

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