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Patented Environmentally Friendly Halite, Mineral Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors


Oil Revenue and Margin Recovery

Why Our Products Work!

The Bottom Line

One of the largest revenue losses in oil production in the Bakken shale oilfields and elsewhere is the reduction in oil and gas production rates caused by the dilution of high salinity brines with fresh water.  As a result of this dilution, 10 – 20% of all oil production is lost amounting to hundreds of millions in lost oil revenue and profits annually.  In addition, several hundred million dollars are spent every year by industry for both fresh water and produced water disposal. The purpose of diluting the high salinity brines is to prevent the formation of hard sodium chloride deposits (halite) that would otherwise plug wells leading to catastrophic well failure resulting in lost production, downtime and expensive replacement and repair costs. 

OIL-TEK® BIO-D Series patented Aspartyl™ copolymers have proven to safely increase oil production rates improving revenues and profitability from 10 – 20%.  Fresh water use and costs are reduced by up to 80% and disposal costs are cut by 20 -30%.  The ROI benefit for well operators is typically over 500%.

Easy application – eco-friendly copolymer added directly to fresh water, either direct injection or batch treatment.

Algorithm based on Pitzer model predicts oil production increase and fresh water use.

Well operation control based on easy to run total chlorides and produced water specific gravity.

Copolymer structure has unique amide functionality in the backbone that improves nucleate crystal inhibition of sodium chloride, calcium and barium sulfate, calcium carbonate and oxalate.

Eco-friendly copolymer adsorbs onto most surfaces providing protection against corrosion.

Copolymer disperses mineral and oxide particulates.

Calcium compatible at pH 3.

Compatible with most oilfield chemicals.

Stable to greater than 120°C. Winterized products certified pumpable to -40°C.

OIL-TEK® sells patented eco-friendly copolymers that provide margin and profit improvements to oil and gas well operators while reducing the environmental impact hat chemicals make in these industries.

Three US patents help operators increase production rates, revenues and margins while reducing fresh water use and disposal well costs:

OIL-TEK® products increase oil production rates 10 – 20%.

OIL-TEK® products improve operation profits with ROIs greater than 500%.

OIL-TEK® products significantly reduce fresh water costs up to 80% for every well.

OIL-TEK® products reduce disposal costs 20 – 30%.

OIL-TEK® products eliminate the need for additional mineral scale inhibitors.

OIL-TEK® products reduce the environmental footprint of well operations.

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