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We are a water centric business.  We specialize in sustainable solutions that impact and improve our customer’s bottom line with increased profitability and improved margins.  Wherever water is used, our patented bio-friendly copolymers reduce the burden and cost of deposit and scale control, corrosion protection and dispersion across the industries of oil and gas, cooling water, detergents, and agriculture efficiencies.  Our Aspartyl™ copolymer technology protects equipment and processes from severe losses in production, downtime and equipment replacements.  Unlike most other products, Aspartyl™ copolymers are phosphate free, readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and hypoallergenic.


Oil Production

High salinity brines can rob operators of important production profitability targets due to the need to use fresh water to dilute the brines. Our patented Aspartyl™ copolymer products increase production rates 10 – 20% by reducing fresh water requirements by at least 50%.  The multifunctional character of Aspartyl™ copolymers gives customers a unique advantage over other products in supporting both mineral scale inhibition, corrosion protection and dispersion stability.  Our unique patented Iron-Tek® series of copolymers keeps a variety of oilfield equipment and tanks operating by inhibiting and protecting against iron sulfide type scales and deposits. Our guaranteed field trial supporting services is an important contributor to the overall success of our Aspartyl™ copolymer programs.  By using our exclusively developed algorithm to determine optimum well production and water rates, a best-in-class no-risk, eight-week program can demonstrate the improved margins and profitability from increased production rates and savings from decreased fresh water use.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Frack-Tek® Bio-D Series Aspartyl™ copolymer products are multi-functional, best-in-class eco-friendly and gel-pack approved dispersants, scale and corrosion inhibitors.  They have proven to safely inhibit a variety of mineral carbonate and sulfate scales including halite and iron sulfide while reducing the amount of corrosion inhibitors required.   Frack-Tek® Bio-D Series copolymer products when injected into the flow-back, not only reduce scaling tendencies but reduce the need for additional scale inhibitors in either disposal or reconditioning processes.

Spill Containment and Recovery

Patented Oil-Tek® polysuccinimide powder products contain oil and hydrocarbon spills on water surfaces.  They form an envelope that congeals the spill.  Subsequent collection of the congealed hydrocarbon can be easily recovered leaving a readily biodegradable water-soluble eco-friendly copolymer residue. To see a demonstration, use the following link:

Water Treatment

Cooling Water

Formulating multiple ingredients for eco-friendly, non-P all organic cooling water treatment programs can be a daunting process including controlling product cost and optimizing dosage rates.   Water-Tek® Bio-D Series products are based on the award-winning multi-functional Aspartyl™ copolymers engineered to meet and exceed inhibitor requirements for mineral scale, corrosion and dispersion applications providing cost and discharge limit improvements for cooling water operations.  Water-Tek® Bio-D copolymers are the best-in-class sustainable eco-friendly multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor and dispersant for both low and high LSI waters.  The simplicity of a multi-functional corrosion/scale inhibitor that is easy to formulate and easier to use gives an economically sustainable solution with lower overall application costs, greater efficacy in an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous biodegradable novel platform technology. 



The institutional washware market is moving towards all organic non-phosphorus detergent formulas that benefit both the customer and the environment.  Anti-encrusting/ redeposition agents and dispersants based on polyacrylate and polymaleate chemistry prevail in most detergent and cleaner products but are not environmentally friendly.  Scale-Tek® Bio-D Series bio-friendly copolymers provide an exceptional alternative.  These best-in-class bio-friendly products provide outstanding performance in inhibiting calcium carbonate scale, dispersion of particulates and preventing redeposition.  The simplicity of these Aspartyl™ copolymers as multi-functional scale inhibitor/dispersant/corrosion inhibitors gives an economically sustainable solution with lower overall application costs, greater efficacy in an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, readily biodegradable and novel platform technology.


Production Co-builder

Ag-Tek® Bio-D Aspartyl™ biopolymer products have found multiple uses in helping farmer/growers develop higher margins through more efficient use of fertilizers as co-builders.  Co-builders aid and help fertilizers expose more of their nutrient capacity for plant uptake leading to higher yields and reduced environmental damage through limiting runoff.  In addition, these biopolymers act as natural organic fertilizers by supplying to plants amino acid compositions through microbial degradation.  Ag-Tek® Bio-D Aspartyl™ biopolymer products contain 4.1% nitrogen in a slow release mechanism based on biodegradability.

Protection Assist

Ag-Tek® eco-friendly Aspartyl™ biopolymers have been successfully formulated with a wide variety of pesticides to assist in providing optimum kill rates to control fungus, weeds and insects.  These assist biopolymers are 100% safe and minimize the environmental damage caused by pesticide runoff.  They work by specifically directing pesticide molecules the most susceptible adsorption points on the organism resulting in both higher mortality rates and significant reductions in active pesticide dosages.


Ag-Tek® eco-friendly Aspartyl™ biopolymers have been formulated with unique families of “organic” and “natural” ingredient fungicides and insecticides that benefit farmers/growers who require all natural and organic pesticides.  Ag-Tek®’s NatureSafe™ fungicide and SureSafe™ insecticide work through a synergistic process that provide fast, reliable, safe and economical results while reducing the environmental footprint from most other pesticides.

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