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AG-TEK® Division of GGP

In spite of the weather, AG-TEK® products can help your late planted crops!


RGM AG is an exclusive distributor of AG-TEK® natural organic fertilizer co-builders, pesticide assists and natural organic pesticide products.

RGM AG markets ATTRACT™, ASSIST™, ACCESS™ and AFFIRM™ as an eco-friendly family of natural organic fertilizer co-builders that help growers/farmers improve profitability through yield increases, sustainable nutrient utilization and reduced environmental damage due to fertilizer runoff.

RGM AG sells COMPANION™, SIDEKICK™ and WINGMAN™ as pesticide assists that increase profit margins of growers/farmers using conventional pesticides for fungus, insect and weed control.  These products fight against pesticide resistance, improve mortality rates and lessen the environmental impact of pesticide runoff.

RGM AG directly sells NATURESAFE™ and SURESAFE™ as natural organic pesticides replacing traditional toxic pesticides that provide equivalent or better mortality rates while improving the environmental footprint through the elimination of any toxic and hazardous runoff.

RGM AG contact information is listed below:

5122 Berkeley Street

Raleigh, NC 27612



Main Office: 11230 Katherine's Crossing, Woodridge, IL 60517  Phone: 800.323.4983

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