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In spite of the weather, AG-TEK® products can help your late planted crops!


Fertilizer Co-Builder Program

One of the best ways of improving fertilizer utilization in agriculture crop production in the U.S. and elsewhere is to improve fertility rates by providing better nutrient accessibility to crops and plants.  Fifty billion dollars are spent annually by industry for just fertilizers and pesticides alone.  Margins from production farming are at an all-time low, crop commodity prices are at an all-time low and EPA mandates and regulations are at an all-time high. Median on-farm household incomes were a negative $1,165 in 2017 and expected to be much worse in the ensuing years  (USDA data).

Current technology practices have not been farmer/grower friendly and the chemicals used in production contribute to additional environmental issues.  Not much effort by industry has gone into the development of better fertilizer utilization programs that could improve farmer’s margins by millions annually.

AG-TEK® Bio-D Series biopolymer fertilizer co-builder products are 100% natural and organic.  They are non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, easy and safe to handle and have proven to safely improve fertilizer utilization rates by up to 50% boosting yields by   20 – 30%.  Profit margin improvements to farmers/growers can be significant!

Why Our Products Work!

  • 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer
  • Biopolymer structure has unique protein functionality in the backbone
  • Hygroscopic eco-friendly biopolymer adsorbs onto soil surfaces
  • Co-builder mode of action holds and stabilizes diffuse double layer adjacent to soil surface for better nutrient availability and less moisture loss
  • Prevents calcium phosphate precipitation, keeping phosphate ions more accessible for root hair absorption
  • Provides 25 times more CEC than soil CEC, attracting more nutrient ions
  • Microbial biodegradation provides 4.1% nitrogen and carbon energy throughout the growing season
  • Reduces phosphate and nitrate runoff
  • Significantly improves yields 20 – 30%
  • Exempt from EPA registration
  • Compatible with all liquid and dry fertilizers

Available in 5 gal., 55 gal., or 270 gal. containers.  Products available with P2O5 and K2O

The Bottom Line

AG-TEK®  supplies eco-friendly natural organic fertilizer co-builder biopolymer products that provide cost saving solutions in fertilizer management programs while reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer chemicals.

Especially formulated 100% natural organic fertilizer co-builder biopolymer products:

ATTRACT™ – work horse organic fertilizer co-builder for general row crops.

ASSIST™ – organic fertilizer co-builder for fruits, vegetables, nuts and trees.

ACCESS™  – organic fertilizer co-builder for corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and other crops.

AFFIRM™ – organic fertilizer co-builder for turf grasses and other ornamental grasses.

AG-TEK®  biopolymer co-builders significantly improve fertilizer utilization by 50%.

AG-TEK®  biopolymer co-builders increase yields 20 – 30%.

AG-TEK®  biopolymer co-builders provide 4.1% nitrogen through natural biodegradation.

AG-TEK®  biopolymer co-builders improve profit margins by 50 – 100%

AG-TEK®  biopolymer co-builders help farmers/growers meet EPA mandates



  1. 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer 
  2. General row crops and grains
  3. Work horse organic fertilizer co-builder
  4. Prevents phosphate loss
  5. CEC 25 times soil CEC
  6. 4.1% available nitrogen
  7. Cost effective
  8. Adds directly to dry or liquid fertilizer
  9. Application Rate: 2 quarts/acre


  1. 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer 
  2. Fertilizer co-builder for vegetables, fruits, nuts and trees
  3. Increased availability of nutrient ions
  4. Calcium phosphate inhibitor preventing phosphate loss
  5. Applied through foliar, fertigation, drip direct spray or hydroponics
  6. Application Rate:  1 – 4 quarts/acre


  1. 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer
  2. Best organic fertilizer co-builder for corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton
  3. Starter, sidedress, banded and broadcast applications
  4. Prevents phosphate loss  through inhibitor action
  5. Disease and moisture loss resistant
  6. Helps meet EPA fertilizer use mandates
  7. Application Rate:  2 quarts/acre

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