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In spite of the weather, AG-TEK® products can help your late planted crops!


Sustainable and Safe

One of the best ways of improving crop production in the US and elsewhere is to improve the effectiveness of pesticides without increasing application rates, costs and the environmental footprint.   Safety, health and environmental issues have created the need for safe and eco-friendly pesticide products that do not enter the plant, leave residues and completely biodegrade. EPA mandates ad regulations are at an all-time high necessitating the reduction of the most common and traditional pesticides leading to crop losses and yields. Current technology practices have not been farmer/grower friendly and the chemicals used in crop protection contribute to ever-growing environmental issues including the problem of pesticide resistance.  

AG-TEK® Bio-D Series pesticide products have proven to safely improve the efficacy of organic pesticides through the use of biopolymer technology and increasing efficiencies by up to 50%, reduce multiple applications and energy costs and increase farmer/grower profit margins by 20 – 30%.

Available in 5 gal., 55 gal., or 270 gal. containers.  

Mode of Action

  • 100% Natural Organic Pesticide and Assist
  • Pesticide actives are USDA registered safe
  • Biopolymer exempt from EPA FIFRA registration
  • Biopolymer structure has unique peptide functionality in the backbone
  • Hygroscopic eco-friendly biopolymer attracts and holds actives making them more efficient
  • Directs more of the pesticide to specific surface adsorption sites resulting in quicker and longer lasting mortality rates
  • Biopolymer’s high molecular weight and size prevents absorption into plants or hosts
  • Reduces number of pesticide applications throughout the growing season and lowers pesticide application rates due to plant resistance
  • Biodegrades over the course of the growing season, enriching soil microbes
  • Easy and safe to handle for conventional or aerial applications

The Bottom Line

AG-TEK® supplies eco-friendly biopolymer natural organic pesticide and assist products that provide cost saving solutions in crop protection management programs while eliminating any environmental impact of pesticide use.

NATURESAFE™ concentrate – Fungicide and Nematocide Organic Pesticide that is cost effective.

SURESAFE™ concentrate – Insecticide Organic Pesticide significantly improves mortality rates.

AG-TEK® organic assist pesticide biopolymer products can significantly improve pesticide efficiency up to 50%. 

AG-TEK® organic assist pesticide products help build healthier and more disease resistant plants, improving profit margins by 20 – 30%.

AG-TEK® organic assist pesticide products release 4% nitrogen through soil microbial biodegradation.

AG-TEK® organic assist pesticide products help farmers/growers remove and eliminate any environmental issues.

Especially formulated 100% natural organic assist pesticide products include:



100% Natural Organic Pesticide and Assist

Fungicide and Nematocide

Improves pesticide efficiency by 50%

Readily Biodegradable


100% Natural Organic Pesticide and Assist


Significantly increases mortality rates by 40 – 50%

Conventional or aerial spray

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