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Global Green Products LLC (GGP) began as a company that manufactures, markets and sells specialty eco-friendly copolymer products used to prevent mineral scales and deposits from forming in process equipment, piping and pumps used in oilfield operations in the North Sea and off-shore Brazil.  Later, GGP began supplying copolymer products to operators in the Bakken shale oilfield to keep high salinity brines from salting out and plugging-off producing oil wells.

Oil spills, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, lead to the development of GGP’s first oil spill confinement and recovery products.

Opportunities for product sales in the North American oil shale market in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Canada will continue to be a primary focus for company growth.  Agriculture and detergents and cleaners, using similar chemistry characteristics, are new markets with high potential growth.

GGP has been issued several US  and foreign patents covering a variety of oilfield conditions and applications including halite scale control, fresh water reduction, iron sulfide inhibition, oil spill clean-up and application extensions of its “end-cap” technology.  Based on proprietary catalytic processes, GGP utilizes ISO 9001 manufacturing partners in the production of its copolymer products and has developed a global presence with sales to Africa, Europe, North and South America.  These copolymer products are readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, hypoallergenic and completely safe.


Global Green Products LLC makes and sells eco-friendly Aspartyl™ copolymer products that provide cost saving solutions to oilfield operations, industrial water treatment, agriculture programs and detergents and cleaners markets while reducing the environmental impact that chemicals make in these industries. GGP’s mission is to help customers reduce their operational costs by using its eco-friendly products.


GGP has research, development and technical service laboratories located at the Heritage Science Center at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois.

Photo of Trinity Christian College Science CenterTrinity Christian College Science Center Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Synthesis Laboratory
Photo of Global Green Products LLC labAnalyzing for polymer molecular weight Photo of Global Green Products LLC labCollege’s FT NMR and IR instruments
Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Laboratory Team Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Laboratory Team

Main Office: 11230 Katherine's Crossing, Woodridge, IL 60517  Phone: 800.323.4983

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