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Global Green Products LLC (GGP) products are manufactured in the USA and meet ISO 9001 standards. The primary raw material used by GGP to make its polymer products is the naturally occurring amino acid, L-aspartic acid. These aspartic acid biopolymers are made by GGP’s proprietary processes based on the catalytic conversion of L-aspartic acid into protein-like polymers. GGP’s products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and completely safe. Once they have been used, they degrade harmlessly into the environment.


GGP polymers function by a mechanism called nucleate crystal inhibition. As a submicroscopic crystal of a mineral begins to form, individual polymer molecules are adsorbed onto that crystal’s surface. This process stops any further growth of the crystal and at the same time stabilizes the crystal, preventing it from settling out or adhering to another crystal or to other surfaces. By doing this, the surrounding system remains free and clean of any mineral deposits or hard scales.

The adsorbed polymer, by virtue of its carboxylate functional groups, also imparts an electrostatic negative charge to the surface thereby preventing the crystals or any particles from attaching to each other. This process is referred to as dispersion. This is important in applications where there is a large amount of suspended particulates.


The property of biodegradability is a chief attribute of GGP polymer products. Biodegradability is determined by procedures developed by the European Union’s Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Group, referred to as OECD. These procedures measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced from the metabolism of polymeric structures by various microorganisms.

The most rigid procedure and criteria is the OECD 306 seawater test. To be classified as “readily” biodegradable, the highest biodegradation category, a polymer must be at least 60% biodegraded in 28 days. GGP polymer products exceed this OECD 306 requirement and are listed as readily biodegradable in all applications.

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