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Global Green Products LLC (GGP) was established in 2004 by co-founders Larry Koskan and Dr. Gale Martin as a company that manufactures, markets and sells specialty polymer products. These polymer products, based on advanced catalytic process technology, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and solve mineral scale problems in the general water treatment, oil and natural gas production markets.

In 2008, GGP acquired two patents and two patent applications utilizing a new process technology to develop “end-cap” polymers that increase both performance and biodegradability of its standard polymer series.

Since then GGP has filed several patent applications covering a variety of conditions for halite scale control, oil spill clean-up and application extensions of its “end-cap” technology.

GGP utilizes several ISO 9001 manufacturing partners in the production process and has developed a global presence with sales to Africa, Europe, North and South America.


GGP is an international “green chemical” company that provides cost saving solutions to oil and gas well production and water treatment industry problems while answering the growing global concern about the environmental impact of chemicals used in these industries. GGP’s vision is to supply cost saving green chemicals to the global water treatment, oil and natural gas markets.


GGP has a competitive advantage due to its independent research, development and technical service laboratories. GGP’s laboratories were established in 2005 and are located in the science center at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, a southwest Chicago suburb. GGP also utilizes the college’s fully-equipped laboratories and employs several students as research and marketing interns.

Photo of Trinity Christian College Science CenterTrinity Christian College Science Center Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Synthesis Laboratory
Photo of Global Green Products LLC labAnalyzing for polymer molecular weight Photo of Global Green Products LLC labCollege’s FT NMR and IR instruments
Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Laboratory Team Photo of Global Green Products LLC labGGP Laboratory Team

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